Why People Blog?

Top 7 Reasons Why People Blog


There are millions of bloggers out there, and by the end of 2011 there were 70 million WordPress blogs, 39 million Tumblr blogs, and these numbers are still growing! So if you’ve never considered blogging before, you probably want to know what all the fuss is about. If this is the case, then below you will discover the top 7 reasons why people blog.

1. To Learn

Both reading and writing a blog is a great way of increasing knowledge on a variety of subject areas. Blogs are platforms where people can post articles, tips, advice and other content to educate their readers. When blogging, you can always refer to and link back to other blogs that you have found to be a useful or educational for research.

2. To Make Money

By occasionally advertising products, you can earn a respectable income just from maintaining and regularly updating your blog. E-Books, affiliate products, softwares, advertising boards and ad sales are all great ways of earning money from your blog – just don’t bombard your readers with ads or you will lose your credibility and quite possibly the reader’s interest too!

3. To Connect With Others

You are not the only blogger out there – one reason why people blog is because they want to hear your opinion and you will undoubtedly want to know theirs; especially if they are an industry guru! Blogs allow the sharing of knowledge while at the same time networking with people interested in your niche.

4. To Generate Traffic

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can draw traffic towards your site. The use of relevant keywords, unique content and regular updates will ensure that search engines recognize your site as relevant and reliable, therefore boosting your rating, your ranking in Google, and drawing in even more readers!

5. To Save Money on Marketing

Once you have established yourself as a reliable blogger, people will begin to trust your advice about the products that you advertise. Marketing your own products on your blog saves you spending large amounts on expensive advertising campaigns.

6. To Build Working Relationships

Reason 3 on why people blog has already covered that blogs can be great for connecting with others, but another advantage for blogging is that you can connect with industry professionals and gain advice while also establishing working relationships with others. You may find someone you want to outsource your work to, someone you want to share a blog with or someone you want to create a joint venture with in the future – the possibilities are endless!

7. To Boost Your Reputation

Reputation is a major factor when it comes to drawing in readers and subscribers to your blog. Posting about topics that intrigue you or you may think will interest your readers will ensure that they stay loyal readers of your blog, and if you constantly share your expertise with your readers, you are more likely to build a name for yourself as one of the best bloggers out there! A blog helps in making you an authority figure in your field.