Step 4 Create Content

Step 4: Creating Quality Content

Now that we’ve got the blog all set up and optimized for the search engines, we now have to create the main money-making attraction of your blog – great content!

Writing Your Own Blog Posts
This is the best option when it comes to blogging, creating blog posts yourself which are unique and interesting and show your personality. It is a great way to gain credibility and customer interest. Ideally you want to write all the blog posts yourself on hot and relevant topics to do with your niche. Try to write posts that are helpful and entertaining to your reader. Once your visitors get to know you a bit better you will gain a ‘fanbase’ of loyal readers who will also be willing to buy your products.

The more helpful information and interest you provide, the easier it will be to sell to your visitors…..and it won’t even really feel like selling. All you will have to do is provide great info that really benefits your readers, create a ‘fanbase’ and then simply just mention a few products at the end of your posts or in your videos and you will be amazed at how many people will actually click on your links and buy those products.

Try to write in a style that is both authoritative, yet personal. Tell stories, be entertaining, and yet also provide plenty of practical, useful info.
Providing great quality information is key here, so that’s why creating the blog posts yourself and adding a “human” element to them (your personality) is really the best option for you to build a profitable, popular, blog in the long term.

Tip: Some people say that for every ‘fan’ (regular reader) your blog gets, you will earn $1 off them a month on average. So for example, if you get 1000 true fans, you should get $1000 a month from them (from things like affiliate commissions, adsense revenue, product sales etc.)

Using Private Label Rights Content (PLR)
If you are short on time or writing isn’t your strength, you could try using PLR articles for your blog posts. This is pre-written content, usually articles (or ebooks, videos….almost anything) that you can buy (and get for free) and can use as your own. Usually you’ll pay a small fee for a license to a bunch of PLR articles that you can use however you like.

To find PLR articles and content, search Google for your topic followed by the words ‘private label rights’ or ‘plr’.
E.x. ‘raw food diets private label rights articles’ or ‘raw food diets plr’.
There is plenty of plr out there on almost any subject you can imagine. However, since this is pre-written content that anyone can buy the rights to, I would suggest re-writing 25-30% of each article to try and make it unique and to avoid duplicate content. Duplicate content can get you penalized by google which is something you don’t want.

Hire a Writer
There are freelance writers who make it their business to write articles, blog posts and more for website owners as well as bloggers. Most of these writers, also known as ghostwriters, charge per written piece and base their charges on the word count of the content you need. For instance, you can have a 300 word blog post written for X amount of dollars on the desired topic of your choice.

Normally, you will send the writer either a broad topic or even an actual title and they will in turn write the content for you following your specifications. Finding a ghostwriter is not hard, especially with the field growing by leaps and bounds every single day. The hard part is finding a writer you can communicate well with, afford, and who can write in a way that captures your voice.

Here are some TIPS to keep in mind when hiring a ghostwriter:

1. Finding a Writer

Ask for Recommendations – Ask around and see who comes recommended. You can easily get references from other bloggers, website owners, Internet marketers, and even on social media sites such as Twitter.

Search Engines – While this is an option, I would definitely ask people you know and trust for their suggestions for a writer first. Just because a person’s website makes it to the top of the search engine results and they “claim” to be an experienced writer, doesn’t mean they are.

Recommendation: offers a variety of writers to choose from.

2. It Might Take More than One to Find THE One

Just as every blog is different, so are writers. Don’t get discouraged if you try one (or sometimes more) writer and he or she is not what you had in mind. Some writers can take any blog owner’s writing style and implement it in their articles and blog posts with no problem what-so-ever. Others don’t find it as easy.

If you hire a writer and find you don’t like their writing style or approach to a topic, move to another. I can tell you from experience; sometimes it takes going through a few writers to find the one that “gets it” and will whip out superb content that fits your personality as if you wrote it yourself.

3. Feedback is Crucial

When you hire a writer make sure you give them feedback once they’ve completed a writing project for you. If there was something you didn’t like about the article – the way they worded things wasn’t how you would have done it, etc. – let them know. A professional writer will be open to all types of feedback and offer to correct the issue with a re-write. By providing feedback, you are not only letting the writer know what you like and dislike about the content, but you are also building a relationship that will become very beneficial for both of you.

For instance, I know I can start writing something that’s in my head and when I get stuck, it’s nothing for me to whip it over to my writer and say “Help!” I have developed a relationship with her that allows me to feel comfortable throwing something her way without a second thought for improvement, additions, etc. I know that once she returns it to me I will not only be pleased, but it will read as if I’ve written it all myself because she and I have communicated and discussed my likes and dislikes so much that she could pass as me almost any day!

4. Review & Edit

I know I just said that I can send something to my writer and it would be like I’ve written it myself, but that doesn’t mean I can get away with not looking at the finished product. Even the best of writers have their off days, mine included.

Therefore, it is critical that any piece of writing you have someone else put together for you, should be reviewed and edited as necessary. Whether you’re making changes to put more of your own thoughts and opinions to it or simply adding monetization items, you must, must, must review each and every piece of content that is created for you.

Seek Guest Experts

You may have seen these on other blogs frequently. Also commonly referred to as guest bloggers, guest experts are people who can provide relevant information to your readers in the form of guest posts. These are people who somehow tie in with your blog’s topic. For instance, if you own an Internet marketing blog you might consider approaching people from the following areas about submitting guest posts or becoming a regular guest expert on your blog.

  • Social Media Experts
  • Outsourcing Experts
  • Web Design Experts
  • Technical Experts
  • Working from Home Experts
  • Press Release Experts
  • Affiliate Marketing Experts

The list could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

You invite them to be a guest blogger on your blog, set them up with their own login information or have them submit their posts directly to you so you can post them yourself.

Give them something in return for their efforts because most guest bloggers are not paid for their posts. Many times a link back to the guest experts’ site and possibly allowing them to promote their own products or affiliates products within their post is all that’s needed. But, with the growth in popularity of guest bloggers, it’s getting a bit harder to find people who will commit. If they’re good at what they do, they will be blogging on other sites as well as yours. Try to sweeten the pot a little to get them to stick around and continue posting.

Of course, you can pay them to submit information if you’d like. As a matter of fact, I myself have one site where I pay for submissions. I monitor the submissions and if we decide it is site worthy, we pay the author for the article once it’s been published. I’ve found this helps when it comes to having a steady flow of content.

One more thing about guest bloggers you may find helpful. If you know people who are just starting out they are more open to jumping on as a guest blogger than established bloggers or business owners. However, if you aren’t ranking extremely high in the search engines, your traffic numbers aren’t all that great or your blog isn’t quite as popular as you’d like it to be yet, don’t worry. It takes some time to get there, but with the help of adding all this great content and a few other essentials, you’ll be there before you know it.

Create Video & Audio

Audio and video are growing ever popular online, especially on blogs. You can publish your own audios and videos or you can link to ones that others have created.

Here are some ideas for creating your own audios and videos that you can publish on your blog:

  • Interviews with experts in your field
  • How-to videos
  • Talk radio shows and podcasts
  • Training
  • And more

Don’t have audio or video creation software? No sweat – you can easily create short videos on your digital camera and upload them to sites like these:

Blip TV

If you’re looking for audio help, have a glance at these sites:

Blog Talk Radio