How to use Facebook for Business?

If you are a small business that doesn’t have all the resources that the larger businesses have for online marketing, social media, especially Facebook can give you the edge on the basis of your products or services. If you do the right things on Facebook, you can build a steady stream of prospects and customers to your website. Here is a guide on what you can do.

Find out what strategies you are best at, and then combine them with your marketing strategy on Facebook. For example, if you have found more success with email marketing, then you should be using Facebook ads for building your email subscription list. On the other hand, if your website has been successful in converting traffic, you can use your Facebook page for driving the traffic to your site. Remember, the key to success in business is to plug into something that you already know works best.

You have Facebook advertising at your best, but that doesn’t mean to spend all your money on one strategy. Be selective in your approach and that can make all the difference. Get users to click “Like” on your ads rather than first taking them to your Facebook page through the ad. When you are running ads to send users to a custom tab as you want to get opt-ins, it is just the same as taking them to some other website, which is repulsive.

Because, not all the users would be putting their email and then clicking “Like”, this is more of a wastage of your efforts. First, you must determine whether you want email subscribers or fans. If fans it is, then avoid sending them to a custom tab.

As your fans are going to get your updates in their feed, you should take your page as a kind of social email. It would be necessary to capture your followers in the first few of your posts. Remember that not every receiver is going to open the feeds. Even if you are getting an open rate of 30%, you would be doing better than good. The unique thing about Facebook that differentiates it from email marketing is that the same strategies can be used again and again, but sending emails daily means losing the subscribers.

Making money on Facebook doesn’t mean that every post has to be a call to action. Your goal should be to turn your fans into true fans. It is also important that you make your page and ads more interesting and enticing by using attractive pictures so that people get attracted and click “Like.” For example, if your brand enables you to display a picture of a baby, puppy or a cat, there is nothing better.

These are the leading tips that can help your business to make more fans and more money on Facebook. While Facebook provides many types of tools, it is your strategies and how you use those tools that would make your business stand apart from the rest.

Image by GetFound.co.in