How to use Google Plus for Business?

Google Plus is not just another social site. If you want to keep your business afloat, especially if you rely upon SEO, you have to adapt to Google Plus. Even though, this social site doesn’t have as many users as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, but that is going to change in the future. The new updates in the form of Search and Your World indicate that the search results would have a major impact from Google Plus, and as Google receives more than 3 billion daily searches, the prospects of this social site are huge.

When it comes to creating business pages on Google Plus, officially it is not allowed to create a profile. However, companies have already started creating their brand pages. You can also take advantage of this site and use their features to promote your business.

Creating a page on Google Plus is an easy task. While creating the page, you would be redirected to a site to choose the category which can include “Product or Brand, Company”, “Local Business or Place” or “Institution or Organization” among others. Once you have completed this step, it is required to agree to their terms and choose a name for your page. Contrary to what it is on Facebook, the name of the page can be altered.

The social site has a feature known as Google Circles that is highly business-friendly. Google Circles has been developed to group social connections and it is more professionally inclined as compared to Facebook. Facebook doesn’t give you much freedom to move your friends into groups, but Google Plus has a drag-and-drop system that makes it much simpler. Creating a circle for professional networks and colleagues can take only a few seconds.

Theoretically, this feature would allow you to maintain your friends in a Facebook like style and your professional connections in a LinkedIn like style. And, there is no collision between the two in a way that you would find it  uncomfortable.

Another feature, Hangouts, enables you to engage in group videoconferencing with your professional contacts. In addition, it is considered that Google is developing a comprehensive online meeting feature along with scheduling system to integrate with Google Calendar.

If your business is already using Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs, the integration of all these applications and Google Plus is going to prove to be a huge plus. And, with the integration of all these tools, it is considered that Google Plus will be an inevitable social platform to your social media marketing strategy.

When you search for any topic, for example “music”, you would find people who often discuss about it on the right hand side of the page. This feature will give you a chance to be connected with these people, engage directly with them and create new communities. Similarly, there are many other features on Google Plus that can be used for business promotion. Since, the site is evolving at a fast pace, there is always something new coming up for everyone.

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