How to use Twitter for Business?

Twitter has more than 465 million users and this includes the accounts of more than 75% of the largest

organizations on the planet. This makes Twitter a potentially huge marketplace to market your business. The social site has become a PR hub and a promotional tool for businesses and it is available for free.

Tweets can act as short promotional messages to provide instant information from your business. You can create different types of messages that can be contests, advertisements, interviews or other branding activities or even links. Twitter enables you to engage with your customers and prospects in a never-before way. It is not all about selling or advertising, but it is more about building relationships and the key here is relationship marketing.

Twitter helps in creating and sustaining relationship between a company, its consumers and prospects. And, this is what every organization wants. It allows you not just to reach your target audience but also to connect with the masses even through text messages. Users can opt to receive the tweets of the users they follow through SMS. So, if your company tweets a promotion or event, your followers would instantly know about it through SMSs.

You can also use Twitter for improving your customer service. Businesses can send treats to disappointed customers by sending treats through Twitgift. The social site also allows you to engage with your customers, helping to add brand value and enhance your brand experience. Your customers can ask you questions, provide their opinions and remain regularly updated about your activities.

In addition with interacting with your customers, you can use Twitter for many other tasks. The site also allows you to monitor and track your competition. If it is difficult and expensive to spy on your competition elsewhere, it is not so on this site. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the “Celeb” magic to give a push to your business. For example, celebrities can use the “hashtag” or tweet or follow your company and they would be virtually endorsing your business. This would give a big boost to your popularity on the site.

There are a few things to be considered when promoting your business on Twitter. Don’t just use your account to talk only about your business. It is important that you listen, observe, learn, engage and give out. And, it is important to understand that just like any promotional tools there are no overnight results. The process would deliver results gradually. The more creative you are, the better the results will be.

Twitter makes it easy and cheap to promote your business. Even with minimal amount of time dedicated on a daily basis, you can run and effective account. The key is to invest quality time, regular updates and doing the right thing, and you are taking your business closer to your target audience. So, you have many reasons to take advantage of Twitter for promoting your business but you have no reason NOT to do so.

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